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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by current digital marketing trends?
Or feel that no one quite understands the membership niche?

If general marketing books, webinars, and short-term online courses don’t provide the practical guidance your association is looking for, it might be time to try something different.

Membership Marketing School is here to transform your approach to membership marketing.

Registrations for the School are now closed.
Join our waitlist and you'll be the first to know when we open the doors again!

Registrations are now open!


My name is
Olena Lima

and I’m the Founder and Principal Consultant of MemberBoat, a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping professional associations and other membership organisations embrace emerging digital marketing tools.

I first started working with associations over a decade ago and I quickly fell in love with this sector. I admired the people I worked with and the passion they held for their professions. I was amazed by the dedication to raise industry standards and the willingness to share ideas and success stories. I’m extremely passionate about the success of memberships and communities. I appreciate what makes associations special and why they need to run their own race.

As years passed, I have always searched for a place where I could find people who share the same passion for marketing and who are simply on the same page with me in terms of understanding what it means to build a strong community.

Today I’d like to take the opportunity to invite YOU to join my Membership Marketing School, where you will be able to learn the latest marketing trends and tools and how they’re relevant to the association and membership setting, and hear from our industry peers!

Let’s build the stronger membership communities together!

Membership Marketing School (MMS)

Learn | Collaborate | Implement

What is MMS?

Membership Marketing School is an ongoing online marketing program that enables association executives to understand, nurture, grow, and optimise their membership communities. 

MMS will provide students with necessary marketing education, practical workshops and templates, opportunities to review and receive feedback on real marketing materials, ongoing support and expert training. And did we mention the supportive community?

Is It Right For You?

Membership Marketing School works for any Association Executive who would like to learn about the latest digital marketing trends and tools. Whether you’re a Membership Professional who would like to learn effective marketing tactics to grow your membership, or you’re a Marketer who started your career in the association or membership setting, and would like to learn more about the specifics of marketing for membership, the Membership Marketing School is right for you! 

Why MMS is different

Membership Marketing School is NOT an ordinary online course. It’s an ongoing program, where you’ll not only learn the theory behind membership marketing, but actively work together to implement the tools you’ve learnt. We will be collaborating with each other to share our knowledge and ideas, as well as help correct each other’s mistakes. The motto of the Membership Marketing School is LEARN | COLLABORATE | IMPLEMENT – so don’t worry, this is not just another video course!

A Marketing Framework for Association Membership Success

Association Success Circle

Membership Marketing School is built around a membership marketing framework, the Association Success Circle. We know the formula works because we’ve been using it since 2016 – and fine-tuning it along the way – to help membership organisations of all shapes and sizes transform, improve, and ultimately achieve the success they seek.  

There are five key stages of the Association Success Circle. These stages provide a simple breakdown of the real activities and real outcomes in your association’s journey to success. In the School we focus on one area of the Circle every month.



Understand your members, identify gaps in your service delivery, and explore your market and competition.



Define your member value proposition, create community engagement, and  increase member retention.



Increase brand awareness, expand your audience, generate leads, and convert your leads into members.



Review your marketing tools, create an effective MarTech stack, and take a data-led approach to personalise your member experience.



Ensure you’re building a diverse and inclusive community to better engage and represent members.

Here's what you can look forward to each month:

Every month we focus on one of the key elements of the Association Success Circle, and learn related marketing strategies and tactics to help you thrive in that area. You’ll receive:

Structured Marketing

Video lessons and workbooks related to the topic of the month. Our lessons are divided into easy to digest 7-15 minute sessions, so you'll be able to easily consume the materials on-the-go.

Monthly Q&A and
Brainstorming Sessions

This course is about YOU making progress and growing your membership. These sessions will be an opportunity to ask questions and connect with other membership and marketing professionals.

Practical Tasks and

Practical tasks that you'll submit for review and feedback. For example, we'll work on creating a landing page or a social media plan together. And you'll be able to receive feedback on your work from Olena personally as well as your peers in the community.

Marketing Templates and
Step-by-Step Guides

Access to step-by-step guides, templates, and more resources to drive your membership growth faster. This includes email templates, marketing plans, report templates and much more.

Monthly Expert

We'll invite either association marketers or experts in certain marketing areas (for example, social media marketing, SEO or influencer marketing) to gain insights on the latest marketing trends.

Community of
Like-minded People

The collective wisdom and expertise of other association marketing practitioners, and the opportunity for a sneak peek inside what other associations are doing and how they are doing it.

Registrations for the School are now closed.
Join our waitlist and you'll be the first to know when we open the doors again!

All this for only $84 a month!


$ 84 Per Month
$ 670 (SAVE 33%!)
Best value

Doors are closing in:


What will You lean?

The Program

Take a look at our schedule of activities for the next few months, download the full program here and join us today to kick-start your journey towards better membership marketing supported by like-minded professionals.

Is it right for you?

Who Membership Marketing School is for


who would like to learn effective marketing tactics to grow their membership.


who started their career in the association or membership setting and would like to learn more about the specifics of marketing for membership.


who would like to learn about the latest digital marketing trends and tools.

What Membership Marketing School




Membership Marketing School is NOT an unorganised “dump ground” of past webinars and outdated reports (actually, we’ll teach you why your member library should not be exactly that).



Membership Marketing School is NOT a list of boring lengthy videos that you’ll never have time to watch. Neither is it filled with dull theory you’ll never be able to apply.


one-way street

Membership Marketing School is NOT simply access to materials you’ll have to learn by yourself. It’s a collaborative environment for idea sharing, accountability and support.

Join our waitlist and you'll be the first to know when we open the doors again!

Doors are closing in:

$ 84 Per Month
$ 670 (SAVE 33%)
Best value

So how did I get here?

It has been an amazing journey to get to where I am now, with plenty of wild adventures along the way. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, I was raised in a communist community until the age of 6 when for the first time in my life I learned that there was more than one brand of toothpaste and that there were such things in the world as chewing gum and bright Barbie dolls, my first glimpse of the power of marketing. I was hooked.

I graduated from Kiev’s top secondary college determined to enter the field of marketing and by the age of 18, after a series of internships, I secured my first position at the First National TV Channel of Ukraine. By the age of 23 I had graduated with honours and started a new position as a Head of Marketing Department at the leading news production studio, where I was responsible for the launch of the first and leading video news website (Hello, Digital Marketing!). In 2010 I completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing through the UK’s Chartered Institute of Marketing and had my heart set on moving to Australia with my then 6-year-old son.

With nothing but sheer determination and quite a bit of luck, after only 18 months the Australian government granted my wish, and with a skilled migrant visa, I was on my way to a new life down under. 

After re-learning ‘Straian’ English, I landed my first job with the Australasian Housing Institute for a 3 month project to rebuild their website, and my love affair with the world of association marketing had begun. 

I quickly fell in love with associations’ purpose-driven, community-based nature. For the next 6 years I immersed myself in the world of digital marketing among a range of membership organisations and graduated from UNSW with a Masters in Marketing. In July 2016 I founded MemberBoat to be able to assist more associations and be involved in more projects (and as a way to be more flexible during my then future maternity leave).

Over the past five years, I’ve had the absolute privilege and pleasure to be involved in some amazing association projects – from developing professional standards for marketers and showcasing the difference that social housing professionals make to people’s lives, to representing the interests of paramedics through the challenges of frontline healthcare, promoting the value of quality student accommodation, demonstrating the value of cleaning and hygiene professionals in a post-pandemic world and many, many more… Each and every project has fuelled my passion to continue helping associations reach their goals. 

Through all the projects, powerful membership marketing campaigns, and exciting live or virtual events, I’m proud to have my little impact on different aspects of the Australian society. When I was applying to the membership of the Australian Marketing Institute from my small apartment in Kiev 12 years ago, little did I know where this journey would take me. 

Today I’m extremely excited to start the Membership Marketing School. The place where I will not only be able to share my knowledge and passion, but connect to as many association marketing professionals as possible as we embrace the latest digital technology and build our membership communities together. 

Olena Lima

Founder, MemberBoat

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